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Agensi Pekerjaan Ukhwah Sdn Bhd is a Private Employment Agency operating under License C, that provides Local Worker Recruitment & Employment Solutions, connecting the local unemployed worker with the employers

A dedicated team that regularly conducts career fairs, labour camps and recruiting programmes in order to hire local workers across Malaysia including from Sabah & Sarawah states.

Local and Foreign worker recruitment & Manpower Supplier in Malaysia for all Sectors

Sectors / Industries


Manufacturing / Kilang

Hire Manufacturing / Factory Worker (Local or Foreign Worker especially from Indonesia / Myanmar / Vietnam)


Construction / Pembinaan

Hire Skilled / Semi-Skilled / General Workers (Local & Foreign Worker mostly from Bangladesh / India and Pakistan)


Service / Cleaning / Perkhidmatan

Local & Foreign Worker recruitment for Restuarant, Cleaning Service, Hotel, Spa & Reflexology, Island Resort, Cargo (Port & Airport)


Plantation / Perladangan

Recruitment & supply of Foreign Worker for Plantation sector especially from India.



Recruit Local & Foreign Worker for Cargo (Sub sector) under Service Sector



Hire Agriculture Worker mainly from India

Local Manpower Recruitment Drive in Peninsular Malaysia

Local Workers Seminar
Local Workers Interview Session
Local Workers Interview
Local Workers Body Check Up
Local Workers Body Check Up
Local Workers Body Check
Local Workers Recruitment
Local Workers Recruitment